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Make Sure Your Next Fire Stays In Your Fireplace

An Annual Fireplace Inspection Gives You Peace of Mind

The Homeowner's Fireplace Inspection Safety Plan

Here are the three steps to ensure a safe fireplace for you and your family...

Step 1 - Schedule a Visit

Schedule a Visit

Step 2 - Inspect Your Fireplace

Inspect Your Fireplace

Step 2 - Inspect Your Fireplace

Fire It Up!

As frightening as the potential fireplace and chimney hazards are, they are almost entirely preventable. The Chimney Safety Institute recommends that homeowners who light fires in the fireplace three or more times a week during the cold-weather season should have their chimneys inspected and cleaned once a year. 

MadeWell Masonry specializes in brick and masonry fireplaces. Our chimney sweeps provide Level I, II, and III fireplace and chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, and chimney repair services.  In addition, our highly skilled masonry team can help you design and build a new fireplace and chimney for your new or existing home.  

Unlike most companies, MadeWell Madewell for one fee performs your chimney cleaning and a full fireplace/chimney inspection.  Call or email us today for an appointment.

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One Higher Purpose & Three Core Values

Learn More About MadeWell Masonry

Hello, I’m David Moseley, the leader of MadeWell Masonry. Growing up on a Texas ranch, I understand just how important it is to build and repair things well. My masonry experience spans more than 40 years and includes residential, commercial, and industrial projects.  


Our customer projects have spanned from several hundred dollars to several million. But regardless of size, we approach each project in the same way: Doing the job right the first time. We want you to know more about us and why MadeWell Masonry is the right choice for your chimney job.  Our name communicates our brand.  How often have you heard people say, “They really don’t build things the way they used to!”  

For many builders, contractors, and repair teams, this comment represents who they are and what their work is like: sloppy or incomplete; selling the wrong solution or worse, selling you something you don’t need; and/or underquoting the job to then later surprise you with multiple hidden charges.   These things will never happen to you as a MadeWell customer!


There are two things you should know about us. Our ideology consists of 1) a higher purpose; and, 2) a set of core values.   Our higher purpose: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.”  (Matthew 22:37-39). This higher purpose drives everything we do.

MadeWell Masonry Core Values:     

  • Transparency - At MadeWell, it is our obligation to be transparent with you.   Our commitment is to inspect your  fireplace and chimney and to inform you of what it will take to make your fireplace safe for you and your family.   Standing behind our work more than profits is a key to who we are.     


  • Build/Repair It To Last - Our objective is to build/repair it correctly the first time, thus enabling you to use your fireplace safely for years to come.    


  • Continuous Improvement - It is imperative for our company to stay abreast of new developments that enable us to build or repair your fireplace at the best possible cost without sacrificing safety for you, your family and your pets.


Our Promises

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1. A high-quality, "MadeWell" fireplace and chimney inspection with repairs being done correctly the first time.

2. The repairs are optimized for the best long- term solution.

3. Several safe repair options are presented to help you keep the cost within your budget.

4. We respect and protect your property during the entire project.


Nationally one in four home structure fires
starts in the fireplace or chimney!

Chimney Fire

In the last year, there were more than 22,500 home structure fires in the US.  


An Angie’s List survey discovered that 90% of their respondents had at least one fireplace in the home. A staggering 56% indicated they have never had their fireplace inspected.  

As a homeowner with a fireplace, it is imperative to recognize the signs of a fireplace or chimney problem, to understand the dangers this represents, and to take the correct preventative action. 

Signs of a Chimney Problem

Recognize the Signs of a fireplace or Chimney Problem

Chimney leak or water stains - One of the most obvious signs is water leakage or stains on your walls.  The Memphis area receives more than 54 inches of rain per year, 40% more than the average U.S. city.  A cracked crown, damaged bricks or mortar joints, or a loose or damaged chimney flashing are primary causes of chimney leaks.

Rusted damper or firebox - Rust is one of the clues that there is too much moisture.  A hard-to-open damper is also a strong clue.

Excessive creosote - If there is a black, tar-like material appearing in or outside your fireplace, this is a sign of excessive creosote. Some creosote is natural but too much indicates a problem and is one of the leading causes of chimney fires.

Brick and mortar joint problems - Bricks that are cracked or have fallen off the chimney or cracks in the mortar joints between the bricks are signs moisture may be entering your chimney.

Cracked chimney crown - Though not often easy to spot, cracks in the chimney crown allow moisture to enter.

Obstruction in the flue - When a fireplace has not been used for some time, animals can build a home in the top section of the chimney.  This can cause a flue obstruction leading to smoke entering the home.  It can also lead to a dangerous, life-threatening condition where carbon monoxide enters the home.

Understand the Danger of Chimney Fires

Understand the Danger

Chimney house fires - In the US, there were 22,500 home structure fires caused by the fireplace.   The single largest cause of these fires was due to not cleaning creosote from the chimney.  Nearly   one in every four house fires in the US started in the fireplace or chimney.  


Carbon monoxide poisoning - More than 4,000 people died and 10,000 injuries occurred in the US primarily due to carbon monoxide formation in chimneys.

Schedule a Chimney Inspection

Take preventative action & Schedule a Chimney Inspection Today

• Schedule a multi-point chimney inspection today. The Chimney Safety Institute of America highly recommends that your fireplace and chimney be inspected once per year. Our primary goal as a chimney service professional is to aid in the prevention of fires and carbon monoxide emergencies related to the use of fireplaces, wood stoves, gas, oil, and coal heating systems.  

• Our chimney sweep will inspect your fireplace and chimney for a cracked or damaged chimney crown, water damage, rusted damper or firebox, excessive chimney soot or creosote buildup.  Our multi-point chimney inspection will also check for brick and mortar problems and determine if there are any potential obstructions in the chimney flue.  


• At MadeWell, it is our responsibility to find and repair the problem correctly the first time. Beware of services that want to perform quick fixes that will eventually lead to more expensive repairs in the future.

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