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MadeWell Masonry specializes in masonry work.  Our team can design and build your new chimney, fireplace, brick or stone wall, brick mailbox, patio, outdoor pizza oven, interior brick wall, or brick monument.  Once your project starts we completely dedicate our team 100% to your job.  MadeWell doesn't leave your job to start another - we are dedicated to getting your job done right.

What Makes MadeWell Different

MadeWell Masonry On Time In Budget and Made to Last

When we start your job, we don’t leave until we are done! You are our only priority until the job is complete.  MadeWell is one of the very few contractors that has this policy.

The cost of your project is fully disclosed in your quote and there are never any hidden or added costs. We stay in budget so you don’t need to worry.

Your MadeWell project is built to last. No shortcuts in materials, or processes are ever taken. We stand behind our industry best 10-year guarantee for workmanship.

Our Work is an Expression of Your Values

MadeWell Masonry understands the concerns people have when hiring most  contractors.  Once the project starts, will they complete it on time, will the project be in budget and will the construction last?


MadeWell shares these values and we believe our work is an expression of those values. Once we start your project, we stay onsite until the job is done.  Your project is always covered by a 10-Year workmanship warranty. Our work represents who we are.


We have a 3-step Plan to get your project underway and successfully completed.

Step 1 - Schedule a Visit

Schedule a Visit

Step 2 - Get a Design and Quote

Get a Design & Quote

Step 3 - Your Project Built to Last

Your Project Built to Last

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One Higher Purpose & Three Core Values

Learn More About MadeWell Masonry

Hello, I’m David Moseley, the leader of MadeWell Masonry. Growing up on a Texas ranch, I understand just how important it is to build and repair things well. My masonry experience spans more than 40 years and includes residential, commercial, and industrial projects.  


Our customer projects have spanned from several hundred dollars to several million. Regardless of size, we approach each project in the same way: Doing the job right the first time. We want you to know more about us and why MadeWell Masonry is the right choice for your job.  Our name communicates our brand.  How often have you heard people say, “They really don’t build things the way they used to!”  

For many builders, contractors, and repair teams, this comment represents who they are and what their work is like: sloppy or incomplete; selling the wrong solution or worse, selling you something you don’t need; and/or underquoting the job to then later surprise you with multiple hidden charges.   These things will never happen to you as a MadeWell customer!


There are two things you should know about us. Our ideology consists of 1) a higher purpose; and, 2) a set of core values.   Our higher purpose: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.”  (Matthew 22:37-39). This higher purpose drives everything we do.

MadeWell Masonry Core Values:     

  • Transparency - At MadeWell, it is our obligation to be transparent with you.   Our commitment is to inform you of what it will take to complete your project at the right cost without needless items.   Standing behind our work more than profits is a key to who we are.     


  • Build/Repair It To Last - Our objective is to build/repair it correctly the first time, thus enabling you to use it safely for years to come.    


  • Continuous Improvement - It is imperative for our company to stay abreast of new developments that enable us to build or repair your masonry project at the best possible cost without sacrificing safety for you, your family, and your pets.

MadeWell Promises

New Masonry Brick or Stone Projects

Residential Chimneys

MadeWell can design and build a new chimney or replace one that is damaged or structurally unsound. Matching the existing brick to your home is almost always possible.

Residential Chimneys

Outdoor Fireplaces

A burning-wood fire not only relaxes but conjures up innate feelings of comfort, goodness, happiness, and warmth. MadeWell can design and build a new fireplace for you.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Pizza Oven

Most crave quality ingredients and an authentic cooking experience.  So why settle for anything less when it comes to pizza?  Let us design and build a pizza oven for you.

Outdoor Pizza Oven


Adding well designed patios and walkways increases not only aesthetic beauty but value to your home.   MadeWell works in brick and stone with years of experience in masonry work.

Brick or Stone Patio


MadeWell can design a brick or stone mailbox using a standard post office box mailbox or a highly secure steel lockable box.  We will help with local municipality or homeowner's association's rules.

Brick or Stone Mailbox


MadeWell can design and build a residential or commercial monument sign to add elegance to the entry to your property or business.  We specialize in brick or stone.

Brick or Stone Monument


A stone or brick fence not only adds aesthetic value to your home but also provides additional security. Our team can match your existing brick or stone or use a complimentary color and size. 

Brick or Stone Fence

Brick Walls

Interior or exterior brick and/or stone walls can be added to your home as an aesthetic touch or to replace an existing wall surface.  Let us help you change the aesthetic look of your home.

Brick Interior or Exterior Wall
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